Species Symbiote
Host(s) Agent Venom (formerly)
Doctor Octopus (formerly)
Hulk (formerly)
Iron Fist (formerly)
J. Jonah Jameson (formerly)
Mary Jane Watson
Shriek (formerly)
Various New York City citizens (formerly)
Affiliations Hydra (formerly)
Status Alive
First appearance "The Symbiote Saga - Part 1"
Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker ("The Symbiote Saga - Part 1")
Fred Tatasciore ("The Symbiote Saga - Part 2" and "The Symbiote Saga - Part 3")
This is the article on the symbiote. For other uses, see Carnage (disambiguation).

Carnage is a symbiote created by Michael Morbius using the Venom and Anti-Venom symbiotes in hopes of developing a weaponized armor for Hydra. After the Carnage symbiote unleashed its fragments upon New York City to possess its citizens, it takes Mary Jane Watson as its main host before she managed to overcome its control. Although it was mostly destroyed by the Anti-Venom symbiote, a slither of the Carnage symbiote remained with Mary Jane, making her the symbiote's permanent host.




Abilities and Powers


Season 4


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