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Mary Jane Watson
Alias MJ
Gender Female
Age 16/17
Species Human
Affiliations Daily Bugle
Midtown High
Voiced by Tara Strong

Mary Jane Watson, also known as Mary Jane, or simply MJ, is one of Peter Parker's friends and also his main love interest for the show.


Mary Jane seems to be a caring person as she cares about both Harry and Peter both. However, there is a hint of romance between Mary Jane and Peter as a result of their history together and the time when they were 12 and decided to get "serious".

She however happens to be person who gets her way when she wants it. 

She is also seen to be very committed to her strive to be a journalist going as far as putting her life and Harry's to get coverage of the battle between Spidey and his team against Venom and the enduring battle between Hulk and Spider-Man against Zzzax.

Physical Appearance

Mary Jane is a Caucasian slender red-headed girl with green eyes and red lipstick, she is several inches shorter than Peter. She wears a black leather jacket over a pink hoodie and a white t-shirt keeping them tucked into her medium blue colored jeans with which she wears a large brown belt. Every-now-and-then she wears a dark green hoodie, a dark grey t-shirt, and light blue colored jeans. When she is cooking she wears an apron.

In season 2 she now wears a black shirt, a blue hoodie, blue jeans and brown shoes.

In season 3 she is redesigned and looks a little more animated and is wearing a blue striped shirt, blue jeans and brown shoes.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


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