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Alias Bucket Head, Human Rocket, Black Nova
Gender Male
Age 16
Species Human
Relatives Jesse Alexander (father), Eva Alexander (mother), Kaelynn Alexander (sister)
Affiliations Nova Corp
Midtown High
The Guardians of the Galaxy
Voiced by Logan Miller

Samuel "Sam" Alexander, also known as Nova, is a part of the Nova Corp.


He has a full-blown attitude, and is brash and boastful. However is a great cook, and usually does so for the team.

He attends the same school Peter Parker and his other teammates, and like them, transferred in his 11th year to Midtown High, as requested by Nick Fury.

He and Peter have a rivalry between one another and sometimes turns every bad situation into a competition, like challenging each other to capture Doctor Doom and bring him to Nick Fury. Even while in deep space, they get into an argument and demand to be given a moment from the villains before deciding to fight them, before finishing their argument about whose fault it was they were in space.

Spider-Man often calls him "bucket-head" because of the shape of his helmet. Since the team had to move in with Peter for a while, May has become close with Sam and have been seen doing a large variety of different activities together, including, working out, aerobics, skateboarding, shark diving, cooking, gardening, along with other random sports and activities.


Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Nova can fly at a great speed.
  • Energy beams: Nova can shoot blue energy beams out of his palms.
  • Heat beams: As in seen in Snow Day, Nova is able to shoot straight heat out of his palms. It is unknown how much he is able to put out, but it is seen up to 2,000 degrees.
  • Super strength: Due to his suit, Nova has super strength. As seen in Awesome, Nova has enough strength to slow down a speeding train.
  • Energy absorption: In Doomed, when Doctor Doom shoots Nova with pure energy, he was able to absorb it.
  • One of his deepest fears is red-eyed rabbits.

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