Alias Gwenny Bear
Gender Female
Species Human
Relatives George Stacey (father)
Affiliations Web-Warriors (formerly)
Occupation Superhero
Status Alive
First appearance "Return to the Spider-Verse - Part 4"
Voiced by Dove Cameron

Gwendolyne Maxine "Gwen" Stacey is the daughter of George Stacey. She is a native to Miles Morales's dimension. After Miles was stranded in a alternative universe, she become "Spider-Woman" to combat the rising crime in her dimension, utilizing technology from her father's robotic police program to give herself tech-based spider powers.


Physical appearance




Season 4


  • Although Gwen Stacy has appeared in multiple media platforms, she makes her animated debut as Spider-Gwen in the Ultimate Spider-Man series.
  • Unlike her comic book counterpart, Spider-Gwen in the Ultimate Spider-Man series was never bitten by a radioactive spider, but instead relays on technology to give her spider-based powers.
  • Despite being referred to as "Spider-Woman" in the series, Gwen is officially listed as "Spider-Gwen" in the credits.

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