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Stan Lee
Age Unknown
Species Human
Affiliations Midtown High
Voiced by Stan Lee

Stan Lee is the school janitor. He is seen usually cleaning around the Midtown High School. He is based on the creator of Spider-Man, Stan Lee.


Season One

Stan is first seen taking Peter out of the locker Flash Thompson threw him into. He wants Peter to stand up for himself, but he does not listen. He is later seen in Why I Hate Gym where he is trapped by a trap made by Taskmaster. He is saved by Spider-Man, and then, despite White Tiger telling him to stay still, he falls down a hole caused by a trapdoor. He is also seen in Back in Black in a thought of what it would be like if Spider-Man revealed his identity to the world.



  • In Great Power he talks about Irving Forbush, a fictional employee of "Marble Comics".
  • Stan was the former chairman of Marvel comics and the creator of the familiar superhero Spider-Man and several other heroes.
  • This is Stan's third animated appearance. Previous versions includes Spider-Man: The Animated Series and The Spectacular Spider-Man.

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